GF, DF and Toddler Approved Banana “Pancakes”!

We are not gluten free or dairy free in our house but I always like to come up with different things for breakfast and lunch so Miss I isn’t eating the same thing over and over. Sometimes though, I don’t always have the ingredients in the house to make a proper batch of pancakes so we do a bit of experimenting and substituting. Thanks to a little longer than anticipated bike ride around the park this morning… these were on the menu for lunch. These started off getting called these Narny Omelettes … but Miss I soon called them pancakes so that’s what they now are!

If you are gluten free and/or dairy free OR you just want a little pancake fix.. then these are are for you!

-1 medium sized banana
-2 eggs
-1/2 tsp cinnamon (either sprinkle in the batter or on top of cooked pancakes, is optional though)
– Cooking spray

What to do 
– Mash a banana in a bowl
– Add eggs and cinnamon and mix until smooth
– Heat a pan (medium heat) and spray with cooking oil. Add spoonfuls of the mix and cook 1-2 minutes each side.
– Serve with fresh fruit or in our case, yoghurt for dipping!

*FYI- As there is no flour or rising agent, DON’T expect these to be fluffy like regular pancakes!!!!



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