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My Kid Has Glasses… So What?

*warning, contains coarse language*

"My name is Izzy and I wear glasses like Whiff". Bullies are going to bully, but you my sweetpea are AMAZING ❤️ 🚂

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“MY name is Izzy and I wear glasses like Whiff”

At the start of this year, we took Miss I to the doctor as she started to develop a lazy eye. 6 weeks later and numerous specialist appointments we came to find that not only does she have a “partial squint” but she is also incredibly long sighted (which you wouldn’t have thought judging by the way she got around and read books) thus the need for glasses. She’s so long sighted, that she has the strongest prescription you can get for a child. In between the initial specialist visit and her getting her glasses, I was racked with guilt. Did I not take enough iodine and folic acid while I was pregnant? Did I not eat enough fruits and veggies? Too many cups of tea? It was all my fault and I felt like I had failed.

My kiddo is two. She’s not the first kid in the world to have had glasses at a young age. She wears an eye patch for an hour a day on her non lazy eye to try and strengthen the one that is. We hand over the credit card to the optometrist every once in a while to replace her $380 pair of glasses (more expensive than mine!) because we don’t qualify for any subsidies (sometimes I wish we did!!!!). We decorate numerous eye patches so that when she goes to pick one each day. They aren’t fancy because I suck at drawing but its fun and she feels special. We both wear our glasses even when we don’t need them so that she doesn’t feel odd. We searched high and low for Whiff the train from Thomas the Tank Engine because she knows that like her, Whiff has glasses. Its her favourite toy. Every six weeks we go to the hospital to see a specialist. Eventually, she will need surgery to correct the lazy eye because its muscular and no amount of eye patching or glasses wearing will fix it.

The day that she got her glasses, I felt even worse because it was “real”. I hated them. I hated her wearing them because it was a reminder that I didn’t do enough to prevent this. She didn’t care one little bit about anything. She could see clearly for the first time in 1.5 years. The day she got her glasses, was also the same day I realised how fucking horrible people can be. I had to quit the “woe is me, its all my fault my kid has glasses” bullshit (turns out, its kinda genetic! Didn’t find this out until a few months after getting her glasses) and protect her from the world of bullying. Not just from kids but also from adults. The adults are the fucking worst.

Every time we go out in public, without fail, people stare, not just quick glance either. They act as if she had five heads and someone has something to say either out loud (if they have the balls) or its whispered to the person next to them. I can take the stares and weird looks, but the words.. the words are NOT OK. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”- Words do hurt people and although they do not affect my child, they affect me. They make me angry that the world is like this- completely and utterly non accepting of something slightly different.


“THAT kid has glasses. She’s too young. THATS AWFUL!” – said in disgusted tone, woman, mid 50s in the middle of a crowded supermarket.

“Are those cheap jobbies? *points at glasses*”. Me- “errr no?” … “oh so they are expensive? Is that to correct her MASSIVE *emphasise on the word massive” lazy eye?”- guy, late 50s/early 60s in the post office.

“MUM! WHY DOES THAT BABY HAVE GLASSES?” *mum yanks kid away with a disgusted look on her face so he’s not near Miss I incase its contagious* (Don’t worry love, its not! Your kids safe!!!!) N as we walk past- “BECAUSE GLASSES ARE COOL!!!!!!!!”- young kid at the park. Kids are kids, his question was acceptable, the way the mother handled it was not.

*whispered to friend who was standing next to her on the escalator* “oh my god, that young child has glasses… thats not ok” – middle aged woman.

Coming out of the supermarket and a lady GAWKS at Miss I. Like…. actually stops and takes a decent look. Turns around and walks a bit further. Turns around for a second time, stares then carries on waking. If that wasn’t enough, she turns around a THIRD time stares even more then finally finds enough balls to say something- “Those are cool glasses… same colour as mine *insert weird annoying fake laugh” ………. she had on black glasses.

*whisper whisper whisper* “she really shouldn’t be wearing that thing (eyepatch)” – woman, 30s (maybe older) at the mall.


These are just a few of the many many comments we get each day. What I would really like to know is… whats awful and why is it not ok? She NEEDS them just like all people who wear glasses. The thing that is awful and not ok is that a 2 year old is getting bullied by a bunch of grown ups for being slightly different because she needs some assistance to see. I need assistance to see, are you going to bully me too? Glasses or no glasses, kid or adult- bullying is not fucking ok.

Right now, I am pretty thankful that she doesn’t understand the context of which these words are said. She hears “glasses” and “eye patch” and she’s all bloody smiles. Miss I is a confident little human being who LOVES her glasses and eye patches and this makes us incredibly happy. Aside from explaining to her that there are some horrible people in the world that say silly things, I have NO IDEA what I am going to do when she’s older. Locking her up in her room and not exposing her to the big bad world seems like a great idea at the moment!

To all of the idiotic twats who think its ok to bully… here is a big FUCK YOU from me. I’m sticking up for all the glasses wearing kiddos who can’t do it for themselves! Instead of making stupid comments, try one of these two sentences- “HEY! I like your glasses!” or “You look AWESOME!”. You will pop a freaking smile on their face instead of brining them down.


Eyepatches by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Miss I and her Whiff Hey Little Sweet Thing

Miss I Hey Little Sweet Thing

Miss I Hey Little Sweet Thing

Miss I Hey Little Sweet Thing
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26 thoughts on “My Kid Has Glasses… So What?

  1. The little one is adorable. It’s sad truth that we are judged for everything in this world. I think the young lady has picked up a great lesson on – being comfortable in your own skin. When her Mom & Dad are so supportive, the moaners should be dumped forever. ☺

  2. I’m really surprised that people have such a reaction to a child wearing glasses! People are weird though. My youngest had an accident when he was about 2.5 and knocked out his top four teeth. We get comments on that ALL the time – honestly, how are we meant to teach our children to be polite and accepting of differences when the adults around them can be such douchebags?

  3. She looks so beautiful and happy! And the best thing is that she can see clearly! I got glasses at a young age, not as young as your daughter, but I was old enough to feel self-conscious about it. However, the fact that I could finally see things clearly was enough for me. Best wishes for you both!

  4. She is beautiful and I have no doubt in my mind that you and N are the proudest parents!!
    My little brother has a turn on the eye, we called it his Wonkey Lamp wen he was little. He also had to wear eye patches and his glasses are milk-glass-bottom thick! He never had corrective surgery, he still wear his specs. Bullies, are awful. I really cannot fathom how people, adults, can even think that!? Seriously, I feel your pain, what kind of person do you have to be to think such horrible things? If I ever crossed paths with Miss I I would tell her I think she looks beautiful with her glasses! (Because I do!) it would never, ever ever, even think negatively about it, I really cannot understand how anyone can!
    Give that little a princess a big hug from me and miss kaboodle and tell her we think she is stunning and her glasses are awesome! (Even nicer than mine!)

    Love xxxx

    1. Big hugs and love to you and Miss Caboodle. Iz says thanks for the compliment ! <3
      Such a cute nickname! She doesn't actually know her eye is wonky so we haven't come up with a special name for it. She had milk bottle glass thick too. I hated them at first and was always noticing how thick they were but don't notice now. I hope he's rocking his specs! Glasses club is awesome <3 As always thank you so much for you love and support <3

  5. She is beautiful with or with glasses and lucky to have a mum as thoughtful as you. I wear glasses to see (I’m very short sighted). I have grown to like wearing glasses. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be able to see everything clearly without glasses, but with all the cool frames you can get now days, it’s a great fashion accessory.

  6. That was beautifully written but it made my blood boil. What is WRONG with some people? I have worn glasses/contacts since I was about 9 but I needed them a lot sooner. However, it was a different time and place and we didn’t get regular eye checks at school, and no one knew how bad my eyes were. When I finally was diagnosed (after a very embarrassing incident where I couldn’t read the chalkboard and my teacher thought I was dumb) with poor eyesight, it was a blessing. I got glasses and I could SEE. It was the most glorious thing however I don’t know how I managed to cope before then. (I am almost legally blind). The fact that your beautiful daughter has been diagnosed and the problems addressed early on should not be off-putting to people. And you are a great mum for doing everything in your power to help her – big thumbs up for that.

  7. What an amazing mum you are to protect her and care for her so well. The patches you make are gorgeous and the fact that you wear your glasses so she feels she fits in is testament to how loving you are. I can really relate, my son has a respiratory illness that for the first two years of his life meant his breathing was really loud and rasping. I was horrified by how nasty adults were. I’m sorry you and your lovely daughter have to deal with that shit.

  8. I am sorry you and your daughter has to endure rude people. My daughter and me both have a lazy eye. I was born blind, had an operation at two and gain sight in one eye, the other eye was not corrected, as it was a lazy eye. I grew up with taunts at school from other students and adults. No child should be made fun of because they are doing what is best for their eyes…wearing glasses. Those adults and children should be ashamed of themselves. You daughter looks absolutely amazing with her glasses on.

  9. What a gorgeous poppet.
    Good on you guys for being such amazing supportive parents. I’m shocked at the comments that are made? Wtf is setting with people!have they not realised that a child with glasses is one that is loved and that their parents are doing so they can to help their children out?
    Tell her she looks awesome and I wished I had those cool eye patches!

  10. What the hell? How can wearing glasses be wrong? How can an eye patch be wrong? If she needs them, she needs them!! My mum had glasses and an eye patch from very young, as well, and she turned out just fine 🙂 She is absolutely gorgeous!!

  11. Seriously, what is wrong with those people?! Your little one has to wear glasses, so what! I think it’s cute and really don’t get why anyone would be rude about it. I think I couldn’t hold back and would ask those people if they were serious and let them know how rude they are.
    What I wonder, why did you blame yourself? I don’t think there is anything you could’ve done about it – some children are born with good eyesight, some not. Like you wrote, it’s largely genetic. That’s always been like this, even before mothers took tons of vitamins/pills like they do today and their diet was for sure not better than it is today 🙂 So there is really no need to blame yourself for it!

  12. My gosh people suck! I can’t begin to imagine why people would think you were making her wear them for fun, not that there’s anything wrong with it if she wanted to anyway. Keep strong for her Mama and just remember it says far more about those people making the comments than it does about you guys.

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