HAPPY NEW YEAR!- Mini Trifles

HAPPY 2016! I am so so excited for this new year to start and all the new and exciting things that it will bring. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (or whichever tradition you celebrate) with your loved ones. Ours was very quiet and relaxing which was lovely.

We have been away for a few days at my aunty’s farm up north and I am a bit unorganised so I thought I would share these mini trifles I made for N and I for dessert on Christmas Day. Making the trifle was my beloved nana’s job and as this is my first Christmas without her, I decided to take on the role as chief trifle maker. Trifle is my absolute favourite dessert and it brings back so many happy memories of being in the kitchen with her, whipping the cream for the top while she glugged (and a swig for herself!) in the sherry. There was always a running joke that you could not drive after eating a bowl of nan’s trifle due to the amount of sherry in it. When asked how much she put in she used to laugh and say “I don’t bloody know! Can’t see a bloody thing!”. Safe to say.. it was quite a lot! The older she got, the stronger the trifle got.

Nana used to make a 2 litre bowl worth of this yumminess and as its just me and Nick, I downsized the amount slightly! Hopefully i’ve down her proud with these little beauties. For all of the flavours to soak into the sponge, I recommend making this the night before eating and adding the whipped cream and chocolate just before serving. You can obviously adapt this recipe to the amount of people you are catering for, reduce or increase the amount of sponge etc. As I wasn’t catering for a lot of people, I got to play around a bit on Christmas Eve.

What you’ll need (serves 2)
– 1 sheet unfilled sponge (2 if you are making big bowl!)
– raspberry jam
– a slosh of ginger ale
– 1/2 cup sherry (1 1/2+ cups if you are making a big bowl)
– 400g tin fruit salad
– 400ml custard
– 150ml cream
– mini mason jar glasses

What to do 
– cut 6 rounds from your sponge and place into a dish.
– spread each round with raspberry jam and pour over the ginger ale followed by the sherry. Give it a few mins to all soak through.
– place a layer of sponge in the bottom of your jar, pop over a few spoonfuls of fruit salad and pour over some custard. Repeat until you have used up all your sponge with the final layer being custard.
– pop in the fridge overnight to let all the flavours mingle together.
– before serving, whip up some cream and dollop on top. VIOLA!

Thats me for the day! I am going to go take a wee nap because me and late nights don’t go all that well together. Here is to an awesome 2016!

Miss I and the Farm Dogs Hey Little Sweet Thing.

Mini Trifles by Hey Little Sweet Thing
IMG_9753Mini Trifles by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Mini Trifles by Hey Little Sweet Thing

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