The Gifted Child and the Mentally Exhausted Mum

Our child is 2 1/2 years old and is “gifted”.

– She can read and we’re currently working on writing.
– She can spell and do math.
– She can name you all of the bones in the human body as well as muscles and organs.
– She can name you all the planets in the solar system.
– She can tell you all about the seasons and the months of the year.
– She can name and point out countries on an atlas.
– She can identify all shapes including cones, pyramids, spheres, etc.
– She knows her opposites.
– She can carry out science experiments.
– She knows her human body parts including bones, muscles and organs (her favourite game is playing doctor).
– She memorises song lyrics ONCE so that when they play again, she can sing along.
– Her favourite music genres are Classical (especially Tchaikovsky), Techno (“because of the robots”) and Rock (Foo Fighters).
– Art is her is jam
….. and MUCH MUCH more. Like much much more.

Then there is all of the bad shit. Anxiety and OCD just to name a couple.

Did I mention that she is 2 1/2 years old? This might sound like I’m bragging. I’m really really not. It’s fucking exhuasting trying to educate a child that knows more than more than most kids do at 7. FUCK.

Miss I has always been an incredibly alert little child. She came out rearing to go and pretty much didn’t sleep that first night so I should have guessed then that this was going to be a hell of a ride. She hit all of her milestones (crawling, talking, walking as well as toilet training herself by the time she was 2) well before she should have then decided it would be even more fun to master other things in record times such as learning her alphabet, numbers, spelling, reading and shapes well before she was 1 1/2…. That is just the start of the list. YAY,

Our child requires educational stimulation for 90% of the time she is awake. If she does not get it, boy does shit hit the fan, its horrible and involves lots of unreasonable screaming! We homeschool from 8am until 11am and then again from 2pm-415pm with a few breaks in between. Our breaks consist of eating and playing. Not dolls, hairdressers or watching some cute kids TV show but trains and doctors as well as burning off energy outside.. providing we act like robots.

I kind of wish it wasn’t trains and docs because I’m rather sick of having being the Fat Controller (bloody charming!), having a “nose checker” shoved up my nose every few minutes followed by “Ok, roll over now so I can check your back, cough twice please (I’m pretty sure thats part of a prostate exam love)”. “Embrace it, she’s just playing with you” they say- “come fucking spend a day at my house and you embrace it, please do the housework while you’re here” I say.

What do you do when you’ve mastered the age appropriate learning resources in a matter of days, including Chalk Preschool online? (Which by the way is bloody amazing and I highly recommended it to anyone with preschool aged kids!!) You cry then move onto the next one and the next one and the next one until you’ve run out of things for kids who are five. What happens when you’ve done them all?- You say “Fuck knows”, “what the fuck am I going to do with all of this?” and “what the fuck am I going to do with her now?” followed by more crying.

Like, seriously. Fuck. Shit. Motherfucker

My Pinterest, Facebook and bookmarks tabs are all FILLED with things for her to do that I’ve found online, research into helping educate gifted children as well as different curriculums to work through. I have a 4 files FILLED with printouts to work through as well as a bookcase filled with books about homeschooling and homeschool ideas. I’m pretty sure that my husband thinks I am a hoarder. Every time we go to the mall or bookstore, I’m always on the look out for more. You’d think that would be enough right?! – NOPE! I’m currently searching online for more educational resources whilst writing this. This is my day- Stuff and research. I AM TIRED! I WANT TO SLEEP! I WANT A DAY OFF! I WANT A SHOWER! I don’t want to be a patient anymore, I really really really just want a shower and some lunch because I haven’t had breakfast.

Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you todays homeschool basket. This doesn’t include the puzzles and other activities she wants to work through. She picked this. What fucking 2 1/2 year old kid CHOOSES this stuff? Oh wait, mine.

The gifted and the mentally exhausted mum by hey little sweet thing

I showed someone who told me that this was too much. Apparently not for Miss I. It would be far too easy if it was right? Child- Do you hate me?!!!! Another person said to me that they thought I forced her to learn all of this stuff and that I should let her be a kid and play. Do you not think I’ve fucking tried that? Got any advice for when you take your kid outside to play and all she does is beg to come back inside to listen to music and read stories. No? Then I kindly ask that you shut the fuck up thanks. I don’t force my child to do anything when it comes to learning. She’s her own person and she picks what she wants to do on a day to day basis. Isn’t that the beauty of homeschooling?

I love Izzy, I really really do and I love teaching her. She is an amazingly unique, clever little human that has a personality as big as the solar system, if not bigger and lights up any room she walks into. She is well spoken, polite, incredibly caring and loves to help with any task even if you haven’t asked her to. As much as I am tired and frustrated, I cherish all of the time I get to spend with her and know that I am incredibly lucky (and also incredibly thankful to my husband) that I get to do this everyday.

This is me venting and saying I am not ashamed to express that I am challenged to homeschool my child and that I count down the minutes until she goes to sleep and then I cry. I cry out of mental exhaustion while trying to catch up on all the housework and everything else (I had to get up at 5am to write this!) because I’ve spent three fucking hours lying on the floor being a patient whilst learning about how the planets orbit around shit. SPACE IS NOT FORTE!

I know I am not the only one that goes through this on a daily basis so if this is you as well (fuck, even if it isn’t and you just want to rant!), please talk to me! Tell me your struggles, your achievements, how you make it through, what you do, what you teach. I would love to know. If you also know of any educational toys/activities that are suitable for 3yrs upwards, please let me know so I can check them out. If you use snapchat for documenting your homeschooling days, please add us so we can see! Snapchat- heylittlesweets. Yes, I’m fucking desperate, I need more humans and I’m sick of being alone in this because people we know think I’m making this shit up.

OK babeses, I think thats enough for one day don’t you? It’s Friday! Grab some chocolate and crack a beer. We ALL deserve it.


The gifted and the mentally exhausted mum by hey little sweet thing

The gifted and the mentally exhausted mum by hey little sweet thing

The gifted and the mentally exhausted mum by hey little sweet thing

The gifted and the mentally exhausted mum by hey little sweet thing

The gifted and the mentally exhausted mum by hey little sweet thing

The gifted and the mentally exhausted mum by hey little sweet thing

The gifted and the mentally exhausted mum by hey little sweet thing


The gifted and the mentally exhausted mum by hey little sweet thing

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