Jaffa slice

Kiwiana Jaffa Smash Slice

The first half of this is a half arsed attempt at writing a blog, apologies but happy Friday! We hope you’ve had a wonderful week. I’m so excited about today for three reasons. Not that you actually need to know but I’m going to share them anyway then onto the recipe for Jaffa Smash slice because […]

Mixed Berry and Vanilla Mini Cakes

French Vanilla & Mixed Berry Mini Cakes

Happy Friday ya’ll! Not only have we won gold (how could we not with those two top blokes!) in the rowing this morn BUT it’s almost the weekend. I’d say thats a pretty bloody good excuse to celebrate with French Vanilla and Mixed Berry Mini Cakes. All of these 3am starts to get up to watch the hockey […]

Baking Soda Art

Baking Soda Art

Our Friday art projects have returned and we are both rather excited about this. Miss I has been in preschool for exactly a month and we wanted to give her a wee break from the usual routine to adjust to her new one of going to preschool in the mornings. Now that she’s done her […]

Through Miss I’s Lens

Through Miss I’s Lens ~ 2

HAPPY FRIDAY EVE! The weather is shitty but that’s ok because tomorrow at 5pm… the weekend starts! Today I bring you another instalment of Through Miss I’s Lens! The little Nikon camera we had for our photography sessions decided to pack a sad (most likely from all the dropping) so good ole’ N dug out […]