Raspberry and Chia Milk Pops

Happy weekend to you! If you haven’t worked it out after all of these posts, I fucking love the weekend! N is home which means I only have to do half of the parent duties and the rest of the time I can say “oh sorry, I’m doing some work” when really I’m scrolling aimlessly through Instagram getting jealous of tropical island photos. It’s quite sad really but whatever gets you through right?

Anyway, enough of my incredibly pathetic life. A couple of months ago, we were lucky to get sent a wee parcel from Blackmores containing their new toddler milk drink. We did a wee review for the amazing folks at Kidspot and if  you want to see what we thought about it then you can find it HERE. Aside from making her nightly milk with it, we thought we would jazz things up a little and create a few yummy treats to keep Miss I amused.

With the weather getting warmer here, it’s only right to start stocking up the freezer with homemade ice pops and to keep the kiddos cool. You’re also sneaking a ton of good stuff into them without them even realising- parenting win!

Aside from giving them something nutritious, making ice pops is also a great activity for the kids. Get them in the kitchen with you measuring, pouring, stirring, filling and scooping.

Not only is it teaching basic measurements and what not but it is a ton of fun to be creating with them. Miss I LOVED being able to stir and pour the milk into the popsicle tray and was bloody amazed when they came out frozen solid a few hours later. Ahhh the magic of freezers.

Right- onto the good stuff!

What you’ll need
makes 8
– 1/2 cup fresh or frozen raspberries
– 1 tsp chia seeds
– 60mls of water to blitz with the raspberries(you may need more or less)
– 300mls water
– 6 scoops of Blackmores toddler milk drink
– popsicle tray

What to do
– Grab your blender or food processor and add in the raspberries and about 60mls of water to start. You may need to add a bit more. Blitz until a smooth and slightly runny consistency.
– Stir in the chia seeds and fill each popsicle mould 1/4 of the way with your raspberry mix. Pop into the freezer to set for an hour.
– Make up the Blackmores toddler milk drink (300mls of water + 6 scoops of formula) and divide equally between the tray. Pop in the popsicle sticks and into the freezer they go until set.
– Break out those popsicles, give them to the kids and put your feet up for 5 minutes and enjoy the silence because you deserve it!

Variations- banana, kiwi, strawberries, mixed berries, pineapple, passionfruit.

The Blackmores toddler milk drink is recommended for wee ones aged 12 month+ so if you’re making these for younger kiddos and are using a milk based formula then please use an age appropriate substitute or if you’re lucky enough to be breastfeeding, then you can use your mama milk as well (I googled, breastmilk ice pops is a thing)!

For the older ones, if you don’t have a toddler milk drink on hand, thats cool too. Anything goes- regular milk, coconut or almond, yoghurt, whatever.

If you can’t tell from the face below, the milk pops were a HUGE hit and Miss I is already planning the next round- kiwi and strawberry apparently!


Blackmores Raspberry and Chia Milk Pops by Hey Little Sweet Thing
Blackmores Raspberry and Chia Milk Pops by Hey Little Sweet Thing
Blackmores Raspberry and Chia Milk Pops by Hey Little Sweet Thing

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