Choco Seed Bliss Balls by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Nut Free Choco Seed Bliss Balls

With most preschools/kindergartens and schools being nut free these days due to allergies, I’ve found it hard to find treats that Miss I loves that doesn’t contain nuts! She’s a peanut butter, nut filled Bliss Ball, snacking on raw nuts out of the bag freak. When she discovered that she couldn’t take her favourite Bliss […]

Glitter Doughy Gak by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Sensory Play- Glitter Doughy Gak

Glitter Doughy Gak is a super AWESOME non-Newtonian fluid (something with a unique set of properties). When you apply pressure to it, it forms a solid that can be squished and squeezed but when you take that pressure away, BOOM- it turns into a slimy liquid. It was a bit too hot to play outside […]

Bounty Bar Slice by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Dark Chocolate Bounty Bar Slice

I am a lover of the Bounty Bar. Ok, I’m a lover of all things chocolate but there is just something magically delicious about coconut and chocolate together- it’s bloody amazing! I was left alone for 24 hours (I really shouldn’t be left unsupervised) whilst N was away for work so I skipped the housework and […]

Oh Little Girl, You Are Not Stupid by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Oh Little Girl, You Are Far From Stupid

Someone called you “stupid” and that’s not OK. I saw how much one sentence effected your confidence and changed your personality. It broke my heart. You went from being this well behaved little girl who loved learning and burying her head in a book to this child who detested anything and everything. You kicked, you […]