Oh Little Girl, You Are Not Stupid by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Oh Little Girl, You Are Far From Stupid

Someone called you “stupid” and that’s not OK. I saw how much one sentence effected your confidence and changed your personality. It broke my heart. You went from being this well behaved little girl who loved learning and burying her head in a book to this child who detested anything and everything.

You kicked, you screamed, you cried, you yelled, you were defiant, you lost your confidence, you were angry- that wasn’t you. I felt like we had made some bad decisions. All of the progress we had made was slowly coming undone, you were rather emotionally unstable and your anxiety levels were rather high.

This week, you were home and we tried to work out how we could help you overcome all of this. You needed a little reminder of who you are, what you are capable of and how it is perfectly ok to be you, no matter what people say.

By Monday afternoon, our little girl was back. You were happy, there was a smile on your face and you were back to your old self. It was one of the best days we’ve had in a long time. Tuesday wasn’t so flash while we were experimenting however, Wednesday was another perfect day where you were you.

The time away, the one on one time and the stimulation was what you needed to remember that you are this amazing little girl with a brain jam packed full of stuff, things and creativity. There was no tears, tantrums or bad moments, instead- it was a day full of laughs, smiles and happiness.

We don’t know why this person called you stupid, and we will probably never know. My guess is that they felt intimidated by your wealth of knowledge, your confidence and your strong personality. But, I want you to know something, in fact, I want you to know a few things.

– YOU are intelligent.
– YOU are brave.
– YOU are fearless.
– You are funny.

– YOU are kind hearted.
– YOU are outgoing

– YOU are confident
– YOU are curious. 
– YOU are determined.
– YOU are friendly. 
– YOU are trusting. 
– YOU are sociable.
YOU are cheeky
– YOU are thoughtful. 
– YOU are talented. 
– YOU are helpful.
– YOU are strong willed.
– YOU are sincere. 
– YOU are adventurous. 
– YOU are beautiful. 
– YOU are imaginative.
– YOU are spirited.
– YOU are creative. 
– YOU are amazing.
– YOU are gifted.
– YOU are special.
-YOU are YOU. 

– YOU are incredibly loved by many.

All of these things you are, but stupid you are not.
(said in a Yoda voice because I know how much you love it)

Dance to your own beat my little girl and NEVER let anyone rain on your parade.



Oh Little Girl, You Are Not Stupid by Hey Little Sweet Thing

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4 thoughts on “Oh Little Girl, You Are Far From Stupid

  1. Ah bless. With you behind her, she is going to go far! When my youngest went through some of the darkest times our family has endured, and found school absolute torture, we thought we would never get past it. When our kids are sad, it affects every ounce of our being as parents, and its during these times they need to know we’ve got their back. Your little miss is lucky to have you! xx

  2. Yes yes yes to this!!

    Everything you say and do is with little Miss I at heart, and that shines through in her personality and knowledge. She is flipping awesome, and you must be pretty epic parents.

    People are, unfortunately, predominantly horrible. They are jealous, as you say, and that is why they lash out. which makes them look, stupid! Xx

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