Homemade Slime by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Taste Safe Metamucil Slime

You should all know by now that we LOVE sensory play activities! From slime to dough and fizzy bombs.. our house is filled with stuff to make fun, weird, slimy, fizzy stuff. Homemade slime is just one of the many things we’ve created and played with over the last couple of weeks. This is about the […]

Raspberry & Coconut Cake by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Raspberry & Coconut Cake

When you buy a $14 bag of organic frozen raspberries (I know right but I was out of options!) to bake dark chocolate and raspberry fudge brownie, you’ve got to find a way to use up the rest of them to justify the price you paid. Raspberry & Coconut Cake is the perfect way to […]