Let’s Learn With Little Know It All Learning Activities

If you have been following us for a while, you know that we are MASSIVE fans of Little Know It All learning activities! Miss I was super lucky enough to be sent some resources  from the lovely Megan from Little Know It All and they have been used everyday since they arrived! While we were every so kindly sent these to test out and most of you know how I don’t just give Miss I anything to use, we genuinely bloody love them!

Miss I started to learn to write a little while ago but then we had a wee incident where someone called her “stupid” and she lost all confidence in herself and her learning abilities. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t seem to get her out of her funk and it broke my heart. When our Handwriting Practice Cards and Pre-Writing Practice Cards arrived at the office, she ripped into them straight away! Off came the lid of the pen, letters were being copied and there was a smile on her face.

After a few weeks of continuous practicing, I decided to add to our little collection with the Conversation Cards and the Alphabet and Number Placemats. Both were a huge hit but the conversation cards have turned into a bit of a favourite! Everyday we sit down and ask each other a question and everyday, the answer is different! It has been super cool to be able to tap into her little head and see what she is thinking at the time. I think one of my most favourite answers has been to the question “What do you like most about yourself. Why?” Her answer was- “I’m different and I like that because I have glasses, crazy hair that matches my wonky eyes (she’s about to have surgery on them!) and I know lots of stuff!”

In that parcel also came a few extra activities of us! Megan included the Blank Sight Word Cards which also comes with an activity card and also the 2D Shape Set . Miss I has known her sight words for quite a while so they have been a huge help in practicing spelling as well as writing them down. We also use them to play a “find the word” game while we are reading. I write a few sight words that I know are throughout the story and she has to match them when she sees them. It is a game that she absolutely loves playing. The 2D shape set has also been a great addition to our daily routine. We had the same issue with drawing shapes as we did with the writing after the little incident but now she is a pro!

There is so much to love about Little Know It All Learning resources! Not only are they very reasonably priced but they cover a wide age range from preschoolers right up to Year 6. There is a variety of different resources which you can either get on their own or in a pack AND the best thing about them is, they are reusable over and over again! Just give them a wipe when you’ve finished and you’re good to go for the next lesson. They have been such an awesome addition to our daily homeschool routine! They are super fun, super engaging and you know that your kiddos are developing and learning while they are using them.

The thing that I am incredibly grateful to Megan for is that her activities have restored Miss I’s confidence in her writing abilities which is something I feel like I couldn’t have done on my own. So Megan, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! The change in her has just been amazing and I have my confident little girl back again! Because she is gifted, it is really hard to keep her little big brain stimulated so not only do these keep her engaged but while she is practicing, she is also working on her fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination. It really is a win win for us!

It is rather quite hard to capture Miss I as she works quite quickly through them so be sure to come over and join us on Snapchat so you can watch her in action! Click HERE for the link to add us and check out the video below!

If you are after some learning resources for your kiddos then I highly highly recommended grabbing them from Little Know It All. Megan is a primary school teacher who knows her stuff so if you are a little unsure where to start, you can flick her an email or a Facebook message and she will give you her expert advice! She also has an awesome Facebook group where she shares sneak peeks at new products, activities and you can also have a chat with her there. Be sure to give her Facebook page a wee like and follow her on Instagram to keep up with the latest!


Let's Learn With Little Know It All Learning Activities by Hey Little Sweet Thing
Let's Learn With Little Know It All Learning Activities by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Let's Learn With Little Know It All Learning Activities by Hey Little Sweet Thing

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