For Us, It's The Little Thing by Hey Little Sweet Thing

For Us, It’s The Little Things

I think we all take the little things for granted. I know that I definitely did until one of those little things got taken away from us. You know how when your kid is sitting next to you or resting their head on your lap? All you want to do is stroke their hair or twirl […]

Creature Gelatine Dig by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Creature Gelatine Dig

Happy Friday beautiful Babeses! Not only is it Friday but I am no longer solo parenting the child- double win for today! Yesterday was a homeschool day for us and as we seem to be going a bit backwards in the squishy, jelly feeling department, Gelatine Dig was my go to for our sensory activity. […]

Mini Edible Water Beads by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Mini Edible “Water Beads”

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I had great plans for a productive day but alas, the child woke up with a 38.3 degree temperature so it’s bed, Netflix and writing a blog about Mini Edible “Water Beads”. Not quite what I had planned for today but I will admit… I’m enjoying the snuggles even if she is grossly […]

Crushed Kakamora Playdough by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Crushed Kakamora Playdough

“Miss I-Moana caught the Kakamora, popped them into blender and made Crushed Kakamora Playdough. Along came Maui and they happily played with Crushed Kakamora Playdough forever and ever because they are best friends.” That’s her story anyway and she’s sticking to it! To say that the child is obsessed with Moana at the moment is a bit […]

I'll admit, I Underestimated My Kid by Hey Little Sweet Thing

I’ll admit, I Underestimated My Kid

Yesterday I was prepared for the worst scenario for everything. I was prepared for the hangry outbursts because she wasn’t allowed to eat after 7am. I was prepared for the 3 hour wait we had before her surgery. I was prepared for what I would have to do if she flipped her shit while getting […]