Winter With Countdown- Nana’s Bacon Hock Soup & Cheese Rolls

Thanks to the lovely folks at Countdown and their everyday low prices, winter soup making has become all that more affordable for winter!

Winter is definitely my favourite season. I love the chilly mornings, the snuggly evenings and the hearty and delicious food that gets created. Soup is one of those things that is always on the stove in our house during the chilly season and with Countdown’s price lockdown, King Soup Mix will be a staple in our diet for the next 4 months. Soup is one of those things you can feel good about eating. It’s hearty, it’s warming, a great way to load up on veggies and the best thing is… the kids won’t even know!

Every winter school holidays we would travel up to Nana’s house in Rotorua and spend a week with her. As soon a we walked in the door, the smell of her bacon hock soup hit our noses and we knew that we were going to be incredibly well looked after over the course of our stay. Aside from seeing her, it was one of my favourite things about going to her house!

I have 20-something years of fond memories watching Nana make her soup and whenever I had a bowl, I would always tell her how delicious it was. She would chuckle her little nana chuckle and say “It’s nothing bloody special!”. Little did she know, it really was! Izzy is now a 4th generation “Nana’s Soup” eater and just like me, my mum and my beloved nana, she loves it!

You always need something to dunk into soup and when I was talking about it with my bestie, she suggested Cheese Rolls. I tell ya, she is a genius! Thanks to Rubes making me an honorary Southlander a few years ago, it totally makes it ok for me to share the recipe so you can enjoy these cheesy treats too!

Nana’s soup can be made either in the pot or a crock pot.

Everything you need for this particular soup and cheese rolls can be found at Countdown and I reckon you can get at least 2, maybe 3 dinners out of this depending on how many there are of ya!

What you’ll need
for the soup
– 1x packet of King Vegetable Soup Mix. If you’re gluten free, there is a GF option available!
– 2 medium carrots, chopped
– 2 medium potatoes, grated
– 1 onion, diced
– 3 stalks of celery, chopped
– 1 bacon hock
– 5-6 cups of water
– a smidgeon of salt and pepper

for the cheese rolls
– 1x Signature Range wheatmeal sandwich bread- the freshest loaf you can find!
– 250g tasty cheese
– 1x 375ml tin of evaporated milk
– 1 pkt onion soup mix

What to do
making your soup
– If you haven’t already chopped up your veggies, do so and chuck them into a big pot or crockpot.
– Pour in your King Vegetable Soup Mix and give it a good stir.
– Trim the majority of the fat off the bacon hock, add it to the mix and cover with your water.
– However you’re cooking it, either in a pot or crockpot, you’ll want to cook it until all the veggies have softened and the meat is falling off the bone! If you’re using a pot, bring it up to a boil and let it bubble away for an hour or two. If you’re using a crockpot, it can take anywhere from 8-12 hours in the so just whack everything in and chuck it on high!
– Remove the bone, top up with a little bit of water, give it a good stir and a bit of salt and pepper to taste.

making your cheese rolls
– Grab a pot, chuck it on a medium heat and add in you evaporated milk, cheese and onion soup mix. Stir contiuinously until the cheese has melted and your sauce thickens up. Take it off the heat and pop it to the side to cool for 5.
– Crack open your bread and get spreading! You can either leave the crusts on or cut them off before covering it in delicious cheesy mix. Make sure you take the sauce right to the edges!
– Roll your slice of bread up like a roll up and repeat until you’ve run out of cheese mix! These can be frozen so if you have extra that you won’t be eating on the night, pop them into a freezer safe bag or container and freeze them. Pull them out a few hours before your next dinner to defrost and they’ll be good to go.
– Just before you sit down to eat, lightly toast them under the grill.

Dinner time! Grab your toasted cheese rolls, a bowl full of Nana’s soup and devour!


Winter With Countdown- Nana's Bacon Hock Soup & Cheese Rolls by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Winter With Countdown- Nana's Bacon Hock Soup & Cheese Rolls by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Winter With Countdown- Nana's Bacon Hock Soup & Cheese Rolls by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Winter With Countdown- Nana's Bacon Hock Soup & Cheese Rolls by Hey Little Sweet Thing

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