It Only Takes ONE Person To Make You Feel Accepted

It only takes ONE person to make you accepted.

Last Saturday was a special day. It was a day where this kid made a friend.

When you’re almost 4 with the brain of a 9+ year old, it’s hard to make friends your own age in a “regular” preschool setting. They don’t know what the fuck you’re on about because they’re 3 or 4 and don’t give a shit about coral reefs or how they’re formed. They just want to play outside, play pretend, paint pictures or do whatever regular 3-4 year olds do.

At “gifted preschool” a kid came up to Izzy, handed her a toy and said “here you go friend.”

Izzy stopped dead in her tracks, looked at the girl, looked at the bird and then came running straight to me. “MUM!! MUM!!! She said I was her friend!!!!!!!’ She was so fucking excited.

“Thank you for saying I was your friend S*****”
– Thats ok, lets go play!

My kid, the kid who finds it hard to make friends, made a friend. She played with a friend for 20 minutes. The friend knew exactly what she was on about and there was no communication barrier.

*insert hugest smile on little humans face and me sobbing behind my sunglasses here*

Thank you for accepting us, friends.

It Only Takes ONE Person To Make You Feel Accepted by Hey Little Sweet Thing

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