Our Gifted Child- What It’s Really Like

What it’s really like.

Regardless of your situation, imagine that you’re at work. You’re sitting there doing your job and your boss comes up to you and says “I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU!!!”. You’re a little bit stoked because there is that word “GIFT”.

Your boss then says “It’s a GIFT just for you and you only. No one else is getting this GIFT!” Even more exciting right? The next words that come out of their mouth are “My GIFT to you is more responsibility in your role here at work.” Admittedly, you were hoping for a paid holiday or even a nice lunch out but you’re still kind of stoked because that bitch Janice from accounts missed out and you just nabbed yourself a promotion.

The boss then turns around and tells you that you there is a catch. The catch is you HAVE to accept this GIFT! You don’t have a choice. You have to work at a CEO/high paid level without the pay rise, you stay on the same pay rate. You’ve also got to work 6+ hours past your finishing time as well as taking work home and completing it before getting a maximum of 3 hours sleep at night.

You have to function normally while surviving on that shitty amount of sleep. You’ve got to come into work and be EXACTLY how you are today while being under constant stress and pressure.

You go from being all excited to not being excited because you’re like ” this isn’t a fucking gift, this is shit!”. Remember, you DO NOT have a choice in this GIFT. You blink and all of a sudden you’re thrown into this crazy, big, fucked up complicated world with no support.

The positive side to your GIFT is that you get more responsibility so it makes you look good, it looks good on your CV. The negative is the rest of it is fucking shit.

Now imagine a small child dealing with all of above. On a daily basis, a gifted child can deal with A LOT of negative things. OCD, anxiety, sensory issues, IQ/EQ imbalances, just to name a few.

Having a gifted child is much like the above. There is a wee “life promotion” on the intellectual side but thats it. Like that work promotion you just got, there are far more negatives.

When you’re dealing with more negatives than positives, it takes away from any promotion. In both scenarios, GIFT (or Gifted/Giftness) is completely the wrong term.

What It Is Really Like by Hey Little Sweet Thing
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