Rainbow Shaving Foam Rain Clouds

With it being the last day of term and the weather not being all that flash, I thought that Rainbow Shaving Foam Rain Clouds was quite a fitting activity to share!

These photos were from a few months ago when Izzy wasn’t all that comfortable with the texture of shaving foam BUT, you’ll want to make your clouds nice and fluffy! It’s pretty bloody awesome to see how far she has come with this particular texture since these photos were taken!

Clouds are made when water vapour (little droplets of water that exist in the air) rises up into the air. When it hits cold air, they turn back into droplets of water. These teeny tiny drops that are floating in the air come together and stick to each other which then forms a cloud.

Rainbow Shaving Foam Rain Clouds are a fun wee activity to explain how rain clouds work. Your water resembles the air, your shaving foam the cloud and food colouring the rain. Water saturates (fills up) the cloud and when they get so full that they can’t hold anymore, the water falls back down to the ground as rain

What you’ll need 
– a glass or two
– food colouring
– shaving foam
– a pipette or eye dropper if you don’t have a dropper nozzle thing (totally the correct term) on your food colouring bottle.

What to do 
– Fill your glass 3/4 of the way with water and top up the remainder with shaving foam.
– Grab your food colouring and add colourful drops all over your rain cloud. The closer you add your food colouring to the edges of the shaving foam, the faster it will come through.
– The food colouring will start to sink through the shaving foam and into the water
– Repeat until one of you gets bored!


Rainbow Shaving Foam Rain Clouds by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Rainbow Shaving Foam Rain Clouds by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Rainbow Shaving Foam Rain Clouds by Hey Little Sweet Thing
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