Hey Little Sweet Thing Baking Tips – Part 1

I get asked all the time for Baking Tips and while I am no master baker, I bloody love it and it has something I have been doing since I was about 11.

Baking for me is a form of therapy. I get to jump into the kitchen, get methodical and switch off to the outside world. The end result is always something delicious (unless I am recipe testing) and it puts a smile on peoples faces.

Here are a few of my fave Baking Tips.

Hey Little Sweet Thing Baking Tips - Part 1

You NEED a set of electric scales!
I am so so anal about this. Did you know that cups can vary between 10-25 mls? Baking is chemistry, if one thing is off every so slightly, it can fuck shit up. Using a kitchen scale means that you have the right amount of ingredients are measured out which will give you an amazing result but you don’t have to hunt through your draws to find the right measuring cup for whatever you need to measure out.

They’re relatively cheap and providing you don’t drop them on the floor or off a counter top, they will last a really long time!

Hey Little Sweet Thing Baking Tips - Part 1
Unless is specifically states that eggs, butter, milk or anything dairy needs to be chilled, then always have everything at room temperature! This isn’t to make baking more difficult, this is for a reason.

At room temperature, eggs, butter, milk and other dairy products bond together way easier than what they would if they were cold. This can help to create a super even textured batter. At room temperature, they also form an emulsion which helps to trap air. That trapped air expands in the oven which gives you that light and fluffy texture.

I’ll cover more on this topic in detail a little later.

Hey Little Sweet Thing Baking Tips - Part 1
BAKING IS CHEMISTRY!!! I cannot repeat this enough. I use an in oven thermometer to ensure that the oven is at the correct temperature. Regardless of whether your oven is brand new or incredibly old, everyones ovens run differently. Some people’s will run hotter while others will run cooler. If it runs hotter then you’ll end up burning whatever it is you’re baking and if it runs cooler, you’ll end up with something that might looked baked on the outside but the inside is a completely different story.

It also means that if you stumble across a recipe that is in fahrenheit instead of celsius and you can’t convert the temperature for whatever reason, you can still bake without the fear of over or under baking!

Hey Little Sweet Thing Baking Tips - Part 1

If you follow us on snapchat, you will know how much I bloody love my ice cream scoops!

They are the perfect tool to use to measure out cookie dough, cupcakes and mini cakes as well as helping to scoop mashed potato on top of your shepherds pie.

Using an ice cream scoop to measure out your cookies, cupcakes and mini cakes not only ensures that you grab the right amount of the dough or batter but it helps to keep everything even stevens and all the same size. This will help to keep consistency across whatever it is you’re baking.

Hey Little Sweet Thing Baking Tips - Part 1
I actually learnt this from my lovely friend Colleen who used to co-own Delish Cupcakes here in Auckland.

When you’re making buttercream frosting  for your cake or cupcakes, be sure to whip your butter for a good 5 minutes before you start to add in your icing sugar. This will give you the most amazing, delicious, light and fluffy icing you will ever put in yo mouth.

I’m so glad that she shared this with me because it has totally upped my frosting game!


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