Mini Frozen Yoghurt Pops

It maybe the middle of winter but Mini Frozen Yoghurt Pops still go down a treat! With a haircut scheduled for Izzy today, I whipped these up as a little bribe to get us through the afternoon. She thinks these are like ice blocks you get from the dairy and I am not going to tell her any different.

These are “ice creams” you can give to the kiddos or yourself without feeling guilty. Use fruit or plain yoghurt with fresh or frozen fruit to create a healthy wee treat. Whack in some crushed nuts and seeds and you’ve got something that will keep their tums happy! As a wee birthday party treat, pop some sprinkles into the bottom of your moulds before topping with a flavoured yoghurt such as chocolate or strawberry!

Mini Frozen Yoghurt Pops are a slightly healthier and awesome alternative to ice cream or ice blocks.

What you’ll need 
– yoghurt/s of your choice- we prefer fruit and natural
– mini silicon moulds or a silicon muffin pan
– fillings of your choice- frozen berries, fresh fruit, nuts and/or seeds, sprinkles, the world is your oyster.. just don’t put oysters in them…
– mini popsicle sticks

What to do
– Grab your silicon moulds or silicon muffin pan (I pop it onto a tray so it’s easier to move) and fill them 1/4 of the way with yoghurt. Give them a tap on the bench to even it out.
– Sprinkle in your wee fillings. We use raspberry and coconut, walnut and linseed (flaxseed) as well as blueberries and linseed
– Top with yoghurt and give it another good tap on the bench to make sure it’s all even stevens.
– Pop in your popsicle sticks and into the freezer they go until frozen.
– Peel off the silicon mould and you’re good to go!


Mini Frozen Yoghurt Pops by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Mini Frozen Yoghurt Pops by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Mini Frozen Yoghurt Pops by Hey Little Sweet Thing

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