Ham, Cheese, Egg and Spinach Pockets

Ham, Cheese, Egg and Spinach Pockets are not only super easy to make but they make for a perfect wee breakfast, lunch or dinner on those nights where you’ve got no more fucks left to give but still want to feed the kids or eat something acceptable!

There is hardly any mess when it comes to these Ham, Cheese, Egg and Spinach Pockets, especially if you buy the pre grated cheese,  tear the spinach with your hands instead of chopping and you can use the tinfoil as a plate to save on washing up! Pass it off as “if we were camping out in the wilderness, we’d totally be eating off tinfoil plates!”. You’re welcome.

Want to make it sound a tad fancy? Replace the ham with chorizo or pepperoni, addd Italian in front of the Ham, Cheese, Egg and Spinach Pockets bit and you’ve got yourself Italian Ham, Cheese, Egg and Spinach Pockets. Again, you’re welcome!

Just call me the queen of justification!

What you’ll need
– wraps or tortillas
– eggs
– ham or freshly cooked bacon.
– cheese, grated
– spinnach, chopped (optional)

What to do 
– Preheat your oven to 200 degrees c/180 fan force and grab some tinfoil. Give it a quick spray with some non stick cooking spray and pop your wrap or tortilla on top. You’ll want a seperate piece of tin foil for each Ham, Cheese, Egg and Spinach Pocket that you’re making.
– Load it up with a good amount of ham in the middle of your wrap/tortilla and make a nest of grated cheese around the ham. If your adding spinach, pop some of this on top of the cheese.
– Crack your egg inside the nest of grated cheese and grab one side of the wrap. Fold it into the middle, followed by the other side then fold the two ends up.
– Hold it all together with one hand and wrap in tin foil with the other. Whatever you do, do not turn it upside down! The egg will leak errrr-where.
– Pop your pocket/s onto a baking tray and whack them in the oven for 25 minutes. Pull it out and unwrap it, give it a wee poke to make sure the egg is fully cooked. If it is, cut it up and eat ASAP (don’t leave it in the tinfoil, it’ll go soggy)! If not, chuck it back in for a few more mins and prepare to devour!


Ham, Cheese, Egg and Spinach Pockets by Hey Little Sweet Thing

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