Baileys Hot Chocolate in a Jar

With Christmas only a week away, I’m making the last of our homemade treats to give out and Baileys Hot Chocolate in a Jar is ALWAYS a winner.

Hot Chocolate is good but it is even better with a little dash of summin summin. These little Baileys Hot Chocolate in a Jar gifts are inexpensive to make and super easy to put together! Depending on the size of your jar, one tub of hot chocolate will fill three jars and a bag of marshmallows will fill 5!

I wasn’t day drinking for the sake of this photo.. although I wish I was. #itschrsitmas #itmighthavegivenmesomechristmascheer.

Don’t want a hot drink? Make the hot chocolate cold by whipping it up with cold milk and ice. Don’t forget to add the Baileys because you still need that in your chocolate drink whether it’s to or cold.

What you’ll need 
– hot chocolate powder
– mini marshmallows
– mini bottles of Baileys
– airtight jars or containers
– ribbon to decorate

What to do
– Fill your jar 3/4 of the way full with hot chocolate powder and fill the rest of the way with mini marshmallows.
– Screw the lid on, decorate with ribbon and attach the mini bottle of Baileys to the top with double sided tap.
– Make a gift tag for the receiver which explains how to make their bloody delicious hot chocolate!

Add 1 tsp of hot chocolate powder to 1 cup of hot milk. Give it a good stir then add in a dash of Baileys and stir again. Top with mini marshmallows.



Baileys Hot Chocolate in a Jar by Hey Little Sweet Thing

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