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Hey Little Sweet Thing was set up as a food/baking blog in 2011 and after a few “move to recycling bin” moments, make overs, holidays, a baby and a special needs diagnosis, it is now all about our love of baking, our life and journey as well as kids activities and crafts.

I’m a messy bun, sweary, K-Mart tight wearing, in yesterday’s tee-shirt wife to a very talented IT consultant and a baking, homeschooling-wannabe-mama to a chaotic, sweet and clever little 4 year old. This is our wee journey as we find out feet in the world of raising a special while sharing our loves, activities, fave recipes and ups and downs.

Our life is chaotic and but we have lots of love for things and a crap ton of fun so we’ve chucked it all in a space that we can call ours.

Please feel free to contact us!

E- hello@heylittlesweetthing.com
FB- Hey Little Sweet Thing 
IG- Hey Little Sweet Thing
Snapchat- heylittlesweets


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