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Shaving Foam Cupcakes by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Shaving Foam Cupcakes

Shaving Foam Cupcakes are a bit of an art project and sensory activity rolled into one. Izzy LOVES making cupcakes and has the most amazing (and sometimes weird) flavour ideas but alas, I don’t always want to bake so shaving foam comes in handy. We work a lot with shaving foam around here as it […]

Making a Cloud in a Jar by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Making a Cloud in a Jar

This week for homeschool we are learning all about weather! From hurricanes and tornadoes to rainbows and a cloud in a jar, we are covering it all. After a little thunder and lightening last week, Izzy decided that we needed to know everything there was to know about weather. Not going to lie, secretly stoked […]

Shaving Foam Paint Two Ways

Shaving foam paint is a super fun way to keep the kiddos amused! You can let them loose in the bath or the shower or chuck them outside to create a masterpiece that is easy to clean up. We have been working with shaving foam quite a bit over the last few months and painting […]