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Sensory Play and Activities for little ones

Wizards Brew by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Wizards Brew

Any experiment with baking soda and vinegar is a hit in our house but coloured Wizards Brew is the firm fave! Wizards Brew is a super simple science and sensory experiment rolled into one, especially if you are using an essential oil or extract as well. We all know that when baking soda and vinegar […]

Hot Chocolate Playdough by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Hot Chocolate Playdough

Why drink hot chocolate when you can use it to make Hot Chocolate Playdough!? I’ll admit, I am not the biggest fan of playdough. I hate the smell of it, I hate the texture of it BUT, Izzy loves it, especially when we change both of these up! It’s easy to give Playdough a bit […]

Fizzy Wizzy Izzy Slime by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Fizzy Wizzy Izzy Slime

Can you tell that this has been named by a 4 year old? Fizzy Wizzy Izzy Slime. It’s a slime that is fizzy as well as Izzy’s… seems like she thought this through! Fizzy Wizzy Izzy Slime is super stretchy slime that fizzes when you add white vinegar to it. While it’s not a dramatic […]