Funnel Painting

The last 10-ish days in this house have been so busy with birthday’s but also so exciting. Not only does N have a new job which he is excited about but we officially have a preschooler on our hands! Although we unofficially homeschool and have done since Miss I was about 1.5 (and plan to in […]

Handprint Flower Box Pictures

It has been raining for 15 days straight according to the weather man… it feels like it’s been 50 and quite frankly, we are sick of it! It needs to stop. Doesn’t the weather know I have so much housework and washing to do before next Sunday’s birthday celebrations (hence why this is a few […]

Nature Paintings

Oh Monday- you are back again. I will admit, it was lovely being able to bake yesterday so that makes it slightly better but I don’t understand why you must come so quickly? The only thing that makes today ok is that I get to share our Nature Paintings with you! Last weeks project was all about […]

Stripy Line Tape Painted Canvas by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Stripy Line Tape Painting Canvases

HAPPY MONDAY! It’s art project sharing day and I think these Stripy Line Tape Painting Canvases are defo in my top 10 list of favourite art projects! We do drawing, painting, colouring etc everyday but Friday’s are dedicated to doing a specific art project of some kind. Miss I loves to get creative so this was right […]

Itty Bitty S’mores Pies

S’MORES PIES! S’MORES PIES! Da da da da doooooo da dah! We stayed up until midnight last night putting together a wee early birthday pressie surprise for Miss I and I am yet to have copious amounts of caffeine circulate my veins. I hope you have all had an amazing start to the week. My […]

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