Ridiculously Easy Chocolate Fudge Brownie by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Ridiculously Easy Chocolate Fudge Brownie

I feel like everyone needs super quick and delicious chocolate brownie recipe on hand and this Ridiculously Easy Chocolate Fudge Brownie should be it! It’s one of those brownies where you can’t really stuff up. There isn’t much to it, it’s moist (I KNOW YOU LOVE THAT WORD!), fudgy and oh so fucking delcious! I promise […]

Choc Chip M&M Cookies by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Choc Chip M&M Cookies

Choc Chip M&M Cookies are soft, cakey, chewy, delciousness that goes into your mouth. They’re pretty much everything you’ll ever need in a cookie. Now, this is just a super quick post because i’m currently prepping to not feed the child for most of tomorrow… the only thing that comes between this child and her […]

Cheats Raspberry Chocolate Brownie by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Cheats Raspberry Chocolate Brownie

As I said in my last Cheats blog, I have a love/hate relationship with packet cake, cookie and muffin mixes. I hate them because they all have that “packet mix taste” BUT I love them because they help people get into the kitchen to bake when the usually wouldn’t. I thought it would be fun […]

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