Chocolate Orange Muffs by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Chocolate Orange Muffs

We’ve done Pepper & Me Cheesy Muffs and now it’s time for some Chocolate Orange Muffs! I’m a muff lover from way back and have made a fair few flavour combos over the years. I actually think these are my favourite. They’re moist, fluffy, orangey, chocolatey and oh so freaking delcious. Whats not to love! I […]

Pepper & Me Tandoori Chicken by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Easy Peasy Pepper & Me Tandoori Chicken

After numerous Snapchat messages today asking where the Pepper & Me Tandoori Chicken recipe is on the blog, I decided it’s about time to put it up here! You should all know by now that we are HUGE fans of Pepper & Me as well as deliciously easy dinners. I actually can’t take credit for this. […]

From The Parents Of Gifted Children by Hey Little Sweet Thing

From The Parents Of Gifted Children

You all know what my perspective on having and raising a gifted child is. You only have to read Our Gifted Child- What It’s Really Like or This Is NOT What I Signed Up For to get an idea. Recently I joined a FB group filled with the most AMAZING people from around the country. They […]

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