Dessert Ideas

Dulce de Leche Banoffee Jars by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Dulce de Leche Banoffee Jars

I cannot say Dulce de Leche at all but writing it makes these Banoffee Jars sound WAY fancier than what they actually are! This is one of those easy peasy desserts that makes you look like you’ve spent a whole lot of time and effort in the kitchen… when really the longest part was waiting […]

Itty Bitty S’mores Pies

S’MORES PIES! S’MORES PIES! Da da da da doooooo da dah! We stayed up until midnight last night putting together a wee early birthday pressie surprise for Miss I and I am yet to have copious amounts of caffeine circulate my veins. I hope you have all had an amazing start to the week. My […]