Fizzy Wizzy Izzy Slime by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Fizzy Wizzy Izzy Slime

Can you tell that this has been named by a 4 year old? Fizzy Wizzy Izzy Slime. It’s a slime that is fizzy as well as Izzy’s… seems like she thought this through! Fizzy Wizzy Izzy Slime is super stretchy slime that fizzes when you add white vinegar to it. While it’s not a dramatic […]

Fluffy Slime by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Fluffy Slime

It’s quite hard to show how fluffy this Fluffy Slime really is but it is like playing with a non sticky marshmallow! This is such an awesome wee texture to explore while doing a bit of chemistry. I added a bit more borax to ours to firm it up a little so Izzy could adjust […]

Homemade Slime by Hey Little Sweet Thing

Taste Safe Metamucil Slime

You should all know by now that we LOVE sensory play activities! From slime to dough and fizzy bombs.. our house is filled with stuff to make fun, weird, slimy, fizzy stuff. Homemade slime is just one of the many things we’ve created and played with over the last couple of weeks.┬áThis is about the […]